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Radar Fit, the healthtech startup founded in 2018 by Jade Utsch Filizzola, Jennifer Faria and Taty Mesquita , has secured USD $1M from WE Ventures and Hiker Ventures. This funding is part of the Women Entrepreneurship program, supported by Microsoft Participações, Sebrae Nacional, M8 Partners, and Bertha Capital.

The company has developed an app that combines gamification and artificial intelligence to engage users. It offers tailored plans for diet, workouts, sports, hydration, and meditation. The app encourages users with rewards for maintaining healthy habits, which can be exchanged for various incentives.

Radar Fit also provides a wellness program for businesses, aiming to reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, and retain talent. Participating companies benefit from a data dashboard to monitor the impact of the app. Currently available in Portuguese, English and Spanish, Radar Fit has reached over 60 companies and impacted 700,000 individuals. It also includes a module focused on occupational health and safety.

"Our technology aims to make preventive health more accessible and to improve engagement in the workplace."- Jade Utsch, CEO of Radar Fit.
"We chose Radar Fit for investment because it addresses the important issue of employee well-being in the corporate sector," -Marcella Ceva, CIO of WE Ventures.

This is Radar Fit's third round of funding, following previous investments from several notable firms, adding up to a total funding amount of USD $2,1M.

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