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Brazilian Prosas Raised USD $800K for Its Social Impact Platform

Prosas is a Brazilian startup that connects public and private organizations that support social and cultural projects with entrepreneurs (project operators), including civil society organizations, businesses with social impact, and individuals.

The startup recently received USD $800K from KPTL and Cedro Capital. This investment will enhance Prosas' platform. The company's CEO Thiago Alvim stressed the importance of connecting resources with projects, noting the need for efficiency and transparency.

Prosas has managed over 1,500 calls for projects, receiving more than 185,000 support requests. In the past two months, it launched over 200 calls and received 40,000 project proposals.

Adriano Pitoli, Head of KPTL's Govtech Fund, acknowledged Prosas' role in simplifying the complex process of navigating Brazil's cultural and social incentive laws for institutions and companies.

KPTL's investment is key for Prosas to improve its platform, focusing on stability and a better user experience for clients and entrepreneurs.

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