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Avify, a Costa Rican Startup focused on Inventory Management Raised USD $800K

Costa Rican startup Avify has successfully closed a pre-seed funding round, securing $800,000. The company, founded by Pedro Gutiérrez, Pilar Sánchez, Pablo Gutiérrez, and Alexis Valenciano, offers a unique platform that simplifies inventory management for businesses. This system integrates sales through WhatsApp and updates inventory across both online and offline channels in real-time.

The funding round included contributions from 500 Startups, Zemu VC (China), Ganas Ventures (USA), Amplifica Capital (MX), Venture DO (Dominican Republic), Qapu VC (Peru), Caricaco (Costa Rica), and various individual investors. The new funds will be used to enhance Avify's platform and expand its operations in Central America. Part of the investment will also support market research and educational initiatives for the entrepreneurial community in the region.

Pedro Gutiérrez, CEO and co-founder, commented on the funding, highlighting its role in Avify's growth and the support it will provide to the regional business sector.

Avify has already achieved notable success, winning the Seed & Early Stage category at the Startup Avenue Competition at the Volcano Summit in Guatemala. The company serves clients in several countries including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the United States. With the recent funding, Avify aims to strengthen its presence and impact in business inventory management across Central America.

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