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Axify, co-founded by Rodolfo Valdés and Sofía Robles, is making waves with its innovative "save now, buy later" model. At its core, Axify offers a prepaid system, a smart alternative to traditional credit. This allows consumers to start pre-paying products and services in installments and make use of them once they have been totally paid, avoiding the burden of debt or high-interest rates. This consumer-centric approach is not just a nod to financial flexibility, but a response to the growing trend among users who seek more control over their spending.

Recently, Axify successfully raised USD$ 1.3M in a funding round by Alpha Impact 8 and Avalancha Ventures. This infusion of capital is geared for fostering Axify's growth and expansion within Mexico.

The startup currently serves a network of over 44,000 convenience stores, where it strategically reduces commission costs for its associated retail chains. Axify has its sights firmly set on the retail sector, despite acknowledging the hurdles posed by lengthy authorization and implementation processes.

"In a world where consumer purchasing patterns are shifting, Axify positions itself as a debt-free and interest-free option. It's an ideal choice for individuals who prefer to remain debt-free while still enjoying access to quality products and service" - Rodolfo Valdés, CEO of Axify

With this recent funding round and a clear strategic vision, Axify is well on its way to becoming a significant player in the fintech landscape, offering innovative financial solutions that ensure access to quality doesn't come at the cost of financial burden.

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