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Konsi, the Brazilian Fintech for Government Employees Raised USD $600K

Konsi, the startup specializing in comparing payroll deduction loans for government employees, has raised a USD $600K seed sound. Led by Valutia, this funding is the first significant financial boost for Konsi, aimed at broadening its reach across Brazil.

Established in 2021 by Bruno Barreto, Paulo Fontes, Rafael Seixas, and Rodrigo Fontes, Konsi operates from Bahia and connects users with over 15 financial institutions. This platform allows customers to compare and access consigned loan options, helping them find favorable interest rates for both new and existing contracts.

Bruno Barreto, co-CEO of Konsi, emphasizes the company's commitment to providing fair credit options in a market often skewed towards high-commission products. Konsi's platform, which currently handles about USD $4M per month and serves over 100,000 users, is available to INSS beneficiaries and state employees in several Brazilian states, including municipal employees in São Paulo. The new investment is expected to help Konsi quadruple its user base in the next two years and expand services to employees across Brazilian state capitals by 2025.

"Our immediate plans involve launching our app for Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro state employees within this year. Our goal is to widen our customer base and enhance our service offerings, and our partnership with Valutia is a key factor in achieving these goals." -Bruno Barreto, co-CEO of Konsi
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