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Fuddis, the Startup Empowering Small Food Sellers, Joins Techstars Miami '23

Mexican startup Fuddis is revolutionizing the way small food sellers manage their businesses and boost their sales. With a focus on technology, information, and the internet, Fuddis is dedicated to creating a platform that offers both growth and management solutions tailored for small food vendors. At Fuddis, sellers are equipped with state-of-the-art tools, ensuring not just an increase in sales but also a streamlined business management experience.

Recently, Fuddis was chosen to be a part of Techstars Miami '23, a renowned startup accelerator program that aims to propel startups to achieve product-market fit in record time. Being a part of this program, startups like Fuddis receive a significant funding boost of USD $120K and are provided with resources to secure additional capital.

Founded by Cuauhtli Padilla Arias, Fernanda Leony and Naomi Aguilar, the startup addresses the challenges small food sellers face in today's digital age. Data suggests that many small vendors struggle with online sales and management, and Fuddis aims to bridge this gap.

To further enhance the user experience, Fuddis is continuously innovating its platform, offering features like real-time sales analytics, inventory management, and customer engagement tools. This setup allows sellers to operate at their peak efficiency. At the same time, Fuddis ensures that the vendors have a clear insight into their business growth and areas of improvement.