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Rocketfy Raises $7M in Venture Debt to Expand E-commerce in Latin America

Rocketfy, often dubbed the "Colombian Shopify," has secured USD $7M debt financing from Aluna Partners to advance its mission of empowering Latin American entrepreneurs.

Rocketfy, often dubbed the "Colombian Shopify," has successfully secured USD $7M in debt financing from Aluna Partners, marking a significant milestone in its mission to empower entrepreneurs across Latin America. This financial boost enables the startup to further its vision of fostering economic inclusivity and breaking the cycle of poverty in the region by expanding access to e-commerce opportunities.

Rocketfy, co-founded by Alejandro Kratc, Daniel Vargas, Pablo Vargas, and Juan Grisales, offers a comprehensive platform that empowers entrepreneurs to create their own e-commerce ventures. This platform seamlessly integrates essential features like shipping management, payment processing, customer relationship management, and catalog organization. Notably, Rocketfy has already garnered a substantial user base, with over 7,000 active users in Mexico and the establishment of key strategic partnerships within the country.

The recent achievement of raising USD $7M in debt financing follows a successful USD $2M seed round in January, underlining Rocketfy's rapid growth and appeal to investors. Notably, the startup's earlier pre-seed round saw it receive a capital injection of USD $700,000, led by prominent investors including Chile Ventures, Arkfund, and several angel investors.

These newfound funds will be deployed strategically by Rocketfy to broaden its impact, with a specific focus on reaching more than 10,000 aspiring entrepreneurs in Mexico and other Latin American nations. By fostering greater access to e-commerce opportunities, Rocketfy remains steadfast in its commitment to driving economic freedom and inclusive growth in the digital era.