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Rappi, From Local Delivery Experiment to LatAm Super App

Rappi evolved from a Colombian delivery startup to a Latin American super app by adapting innovatively to local needs.

In the streets of Bogotá, Colombia, an idea took root in 2015 that would transform not just how local communities shop and eat but redefine the very fabric of service delivery across Latin America. This is the story of Rappi, a company that began as a modest delivery experiment and turned into a super app, setting the precedent for a digital revolution in the region.

The Genesis of Rappi

The inception of Rappi can be traced back to three visionaries: Simón Borrero, Sebastián Mejía, and Felipe Villamarin. The trio observed a gap in the market for a service that could deliver anything to customers' doorsteps, not just food. The initial platform was simple yet novel: users could order groceries, pharmaceuticals, and meals through a mobile app, which were then delivered by a fleet of couriers on bikes.

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