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Meet Agrofy, Argentina's AgriBusiness Marketplace

Agrofy, based in Argentina, is helping to make agriculture in Latin America more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

Agrofy Co-Founders; Maximiliano Landrein & Alejandro Larosa.

📝 Overview

  • 🖊️ Startup Name: Agrofy
  • 📍 Headquarters: Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
  • 📅 Year Founded: 2015

🧍 Team

🔍 Problem 

Traditional transactions in agriculture are often time-consuming and reliant on outdated, often paper-based processes, hindering efficiency.

Many farmers face limited access to essential financial services, making it difficult for them to invest in their agricultural activities or manage their finances effectively.

These issues underscore the need for innovative solutions that can modernize transactions, streamline agricultural trade, and provide better access to financial resources for farmers across the region.

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