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Argentina’s Insurtech Startup MeCubro Expands to Peru, Launches New App and Products

MeCubro, the Argentine Insurtech that was born in Mendoza, has recently announced its expansion throughout Latin America. Offering on-demand insurance coverage by the day and a "pay-as-you-go" model, MeCubro has made a remarkable entrance into the market. In June, the startup successfully launched operations in Peru and unveiled a range of exciting new products.

Pablo Fernández, CGO and founder of the insurtech, said his main goal for the remainder of 2023 in Peru is "to generate initial sales traction". As a fully remote company, MeCubro is currently in the process of hiring a sales team in the region. "Our intention is to have a sales force consisting of five individuals," he revealed.

New Products

Furthermore, the insurtech has expanded its product portfolio, introducing new offerings such as Personal Accidents, Mobile Phone and Bicycle Theft coverage. In the near future, they will also provide Prepaid On-demand Travel Assistance and Telemedicine services, aiming to foster greater inclusivity in the realm of insurance and assistance. Additionally, MeCubro continues to offer a range of other insurance options, including Personal Accidents, Goods Transportation, Motorcycle and Bicycle Liability, Tourism Liability, and Travel Assistance.

Among the insurance companies MeCubro collaborates with in Argentina are Sancor Seguros, BBVA, CHUBB, La Meridional Seguros, Rio Uruguay Seguros, Colon Seguros, Mercantil Andina, and CNP Seguros.

New App

MeCubro shared all these exciting updates alongside the launch of a new app. The app provides the convenience of purchasing insurance for oneself or others, making payments, canceling policies, reporting incidents, sharing policies with others, and topping up balances. "We have a 24/7 chatbot to assist with any inquiries," Fernandez affirmed. Currently, the app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.