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Meet Pablo Fernandez, Co-Founder and CGO of Argentine Insurtech Startup MeCubro

Meet Pablo Fernandez, Co-Founder and CGO of Argentine Insurtech Startup MeCubro, with a vision of becoming a regional leader in insurance inclusion.

📝 Intro

  • 🖋️ Name Pablo Fernandez
  • 📅 Age → 35
  • 📍 Place of Birth → Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 🚀 Startup Founded MeCubro

🎓 Educational Background

Human Resources UCES & IAE Universidad Austral - Coach Ontologic CEOP

💼 Work Experience

National and international companies. Industry: oil and gas, construction, hospitality, technology.

🔮 Future Vision

I see my startup as the leader in the region in terms of inclusion in insurance. I think there are very good years ahead for technology startups, more investments and innovation.

🏆 Recent Achievments

Designed the referral program, optimized the use of the platform and reduced user expenses.

🌟 Inspirational Role Models

Pierpaolo Barbieri, because he is an entrepreneur who is very clear about his objectives, identifies a path, and remains firm until the end.

🤹 Secret Talents

I am a very good chef. I love making roasts. I am also a great teller of stories and jokes.

🏃 Work-Life Balance

I try to do exercises. Every Tuesday I do paddle with friends, and two days a week I go to the gym. I try to have a lot of social life, which is my grounding cable.

💬 Advice for Entrepreneurs 

Don't give up, ask for advice, listen to ideas, and always fight for your dreams, which can always come true.

💭 Lessons Learned

I consider myself a restless person, and when I realized that where I worked I felt bored, I tried changing places, but deep down I realized that I was looking to do something of my own and mainly generate impact. So, when you see that where you are you don't feel comfortable, happy and fulfilled, find your place, study, innovate, create, the best is yet to come.

🏆 Proudest Achievements

Be a father to runa, my dog

📺 Favorite TV Show


📚 Favorite Book

Sentido de Lider, by Ricardo Czikk