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Lara AI Co-Founders Guido Kuznicki, Alan Szpigiel, Pablo Gustavo Bacchetta, and Axel Suvalski

Lara AI helps companies detect unhappy or at-risk employees on-time and automates various tasks through a conversational AI personal assistant for each employee.

Founded by Guido Kuznicki, Alan Szpigiel, Pablo Gustavo Bacchetta, and Axel Suvalski, Lara AI allows employees to interact with the AI personal assistant to consult on various topics. Vacations, salary payments or company policies are among many frequently asked questions. By automating these tasks Lara AI is able to reduce the operational load of Human Resource teams.  

One of its greatest advantages is the ease of integration with the most used communication platforms (Slack, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, among others.), where it's possible to chat with people, obtain information about their experience, and detect early dissatisfied employees and pain points in any type of organizational structure, as well as the points where the organization is doing a good job.

They recently raised a USD $1.1M Seed Round from MrPink VC, 500 LatAm, FJ Labs, Brazil Venture Capital and Newtopia VC. With this round, Lara AI seeks to consolidate their presence in Mexico and their expansion throughout Latin America, leveraging their product and generating a positive impact on companies around the region.