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Cuéntame is a startup focused on supporting the mental health of employees working in different types of organizations, ranging from fellow startups to big international companies. Their approach is to identify, prevent and ultimately solve psychosocial risks.

The company founded in 2019 by Regina Espinoza Athié is heavily based on machine learning, and has already supported people working in more than 30 organizations including Nestlé, Kavak and Bitso.

The round was led by Impacta VC, with the participation of New Ventures, Investo, Pareto Holdings, Incisive Ventures and 99 Startups. Loreanne García, Raúl Arguelles  and Adriana Tortajada participated as angel investors. This capital will help the startup expand through Latin America, specifically in Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

Cuéntame's growth is especially relevant, because according to a recent study developed by Gallup, 43% of the world’s workers are experiencing daily stress and are, therefore, at risk of developing burnout. According to the World Health Organization, depression will be the single biggest cause of ill health in the world by 2030.