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Meet Choiz, The Argentinian Startup Bringing Personalized Medical Treatments to Your Door

Choiz offers an easy-to-use online platform for home delivery of essential medications like contraceptives and hair loss treatments.

📝 Overview

  • 🖊️ Startup Name: Choiz
  • 📍 Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 📅 Year Founded: 2021

🧍 Team

🔍 Problem 

In today's world, people find it increasingly difficult to fit healthcare appointments, prescription pickups, and pharmacy queues into their busy schedules. This issue is especially pronounced in many Latin American countries, where healthcare systems often struggle with delays and limited accessibility. In densely populated urban areas, these challenges are even more noticeable, as the high demand for healthcare services often leads to longer waits and more red tape.

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