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Meet Choiz, The Argentinian Startup Delivering Personalized Medical Treatments Straight to Your Door

Choiz is a Buenos Aires-based HealthTech platform for medical care, prescription, delivery and replenishment of health care treatments. Although it emerged to facilitate access to contraception, they soon expanded to also cover hair loss treatments and, in the future, they plan to continue with treatments for dermatology, urology, fertility and other specialties.

In todays day and age people no longer have time for appointments, prescriptions, paperwork and queues at pharmacies. Just as you use technology for everything else, you can also use it to take care of your health.

Choiz' platform is really simple to use. Patients complete a form in which they indicate what health insurance they have, the medication they use, and once it has been evaluated and approved by staff doctors, the patient begins to receive their medication at home. The replenishment of the medication is automatic, whenever the system detects that the product is about to run out, a new package is sent out. In the case of contraceptives, if their health insurance covers the medication, the patient does not have to pay for the service, which is currently available in the City of Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Mendoza.

The startup was founded by  Franco Lacrampette and Ignacio D'Anunzio in 2021, and In July of 2022, Choiz raised a USD $1.5M seed round to continue their expansion into Mexico and to start developing master formulations, that is, creating a personalized medication for each specific client. They expect to serve more than 50,000 patients by 2023 and reach estimated revenues of USD $7M.