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Brazil’s Veggi Raises USD $185K in Equity Crowdfunding Facilitated by CapTable

Leonardo Nones, Rafael Ferreira and Allan Carneiro, founders of Veggi

Veggi is the main vegan delivery app in Brazil, it has more than 12,000 active users, and around 35,000 transactions in its trajectory.

The startup was founded in 2020 by  Leonardo Nones, Rafael Ferreira and Allan Carneiro, and was originally focused on the distribution of varied meals with affordable prices. After two months of operation, the team noticed that vegan meals accounted for more than 90% of the platform's orders. Realizing this opportunity in the market, the company changed its focus and started offering only vegan options.

The round was facilitated by CapTable, Brazil’s largest investment platform, responsible for 40% of the country's crowdfunding investments in 2021.

"The formalization of this funding round at CapTable is a strong evidence that investors are willing to invest in early stage startups, regardless of the sector they operate in. We were able to prove the scalability potential that our business presents. Since Veggi was founded, we have made changes to improve our business model, and this ability to transform ourselves to achieve respectable results has caught the attention of investors in the crowdfunding platform,"  said Leonardo Nones, CEO of Veggi.

The capital will be mainly used to invest in technology for the the platform’s development, and marketing to expand the brand’s reach within the target audience.

Veggi's goal is to expand its operation volume and reach 16 Brazilian states by 2025.