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TUL Transforms into a Marketplace, Expanding within Latin America

TUL, the B2B one-stop shop for construction materials, has recently transitioned into a marketplace, enhancing its service area to include Brazil and Mexico, with the capability to handle 20,000 shipments every month. This change is part of TUL's effort to improve living standards in Colombia by utilizing technology. The company has been operating in the market for over three years, serving a customer base of 10,000 buyers.

"This shift to a marketplace aligns with our goal of improving living conditions across Latin America by improving the construction supply chain," -Enrique Villamarín Lafaurie, CEO & cofounder of TUL.

This new model allows TUL to offer a broader range of products from various distributors through its online platform. It aims to simplify the purchasing process, which has traditionally been manual and time-consuming. "We're making it easier for hardware store owners to compare prices and products online, streamlining their buying process," added Lafaurie.

By the end of its first year in this new role, TUL expects to have over 300 distributors and about 10,000 monthly customers. This development marks a significant step in TUL's growth, focusing on improving customer experience and expanding its reach in the Latin American market.