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Spotlar wants to put an end to one of the main pains of every property buyer: the time-consuming process of furnishing and decorating a new property.

The startup founded in 2021 by Renan Lecheta, Ivan Alberti, Marcos Nuernberg, and Luiz Paulo Magalhães offers a 3D digital platform through which buyers of apartments in the planning stage can visualize their finished property and thus choose all the furniture, decoration, and appliance options for each room, even before the building is ready. After this has been completed, Spotlar furnishes the new property, with the help of its partners that includes decoration stores, furniture producers and appliances manufacturers.

Spotlar's latest funding round was led by  Terracotta Ventures fund, which is dedicated to the real estate and construction market. The round also counted with the participation of TM3 Capital. In 2022, Spotlar delivered 130 properties, and wants to deliver 500 by the end of 2023. For achieving this, the capital will be used to expand into other capitals of the country, with emphasis on Sao Paulo and Curitiba.

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