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Chile's Legria Raises USD $3M for Expansion in Fractional Second Home Market

Legria, a company in Chile's property sector, has raised USD $3.4M through Ameris Capital for growth. This funding is aimed at buying properties in strategic locations across Chile, including Marbella, Zapallar, Cachagua, Maitencillo, Las Tacas, Villarrica, Pucón, and Lago Ranco.

"We want to extend our services to more people and keep growing in popular destinations. Our clients enjoy the benefits of owning holiday homes at lower costs and with more convenience." -Ignacio del Río, CEO of Legria

The company reports that its method of selling fractional second homes is significantly quicker than traditional methods. They've also seen a positive trend in the resale value of these fractional shares. "Our decision to invest in Legria is based on their potential to impact the property market in Chile positively," comment representatives from Ameris.

Legria currently operates in Chile and the U.S. (Miami), allowing people to invest in or own part of luxury properties. This model involves purchasing a share of a property, which is legally represented as part of a company that owns the real estate.

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