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uDocz Co-Founders Carlos Effio y Ricardo García

uDocz is a Peruvian education platform, which has educational and technological resources that process and validate more than 20,000 documents per month for university students. The platform offers a wide variety of educational content for all university careers, created by the users themselves: teachers and students. Notes, summaries, presentations, solutions, worksheets, mind maps and manuals from main universities in Latin America. Its mission is to bring affordable study resources to the Latin American market.

The startup founded in 2018 by Carlos Effio and Ricardo García  recently raised USD $2M in a round led by GSV Ventures and Salkantay VC, which also included the participation of Latitud.

With these fresh funds, uDocz plans to boost its growth and improve its product, Carlos Effio, CEO and co-founder of the edtech, told Forbes Peru. In addition, he detailed that the startup's income has grown 20 times since the start of the pandemic and has expanded 20% each month so far.

With all this, they currently serve 1.5 million students per month, and they hope to increase that figure to 7 or 8 million by 2024. Likewise, by the end of 2022, they hope to grow to approximately 2.8 or 3 million students per month.