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Apprenty Raised USD $1.6M to Prepare Individuals for the Job Market

Apprenty is a Brazilian edtech startup that offers an innovative education platform focusing on simulating work environments to develop technical and behavioral skills in students, preparing them for the job market. The startup was founded in 2022 by Guilherme Antunes, Marcela Teixeira and Mariane Tonello, and has the vision of preparing over a thousand young individuals for the job market by the end of 2024.

Apprenty's latest funding round was led by Canary, with the participation of Positive Ventures, Potência Ventures, and Latitude Ventures. The funds will be used to improve its educational platform, as well as developing AI tools for monitoring students’ progress by personalizing learning pathways, providing tailored feedback and insights to each student.

Strategic Partnerships for Success

Apprenty's vision of preparing over a thousand young individuals for the job market by the end of 2024 is not merely aspirational but backed by strategic collaborations. By partnering with industry giants like iFood, Gympass, and Loft, Apprenty ensures that its students gain exposure to diverse sectors and job roles, enhancing their employability. These partnerships extend beyond merely providing internships; they facilitate a seamless integration of classroom knowledge with real-world experiences.

Building on a Successful Model

Inspired by the proven integrated model of work and education that has thrived in Europe and the United States, Apprenty aims to build a similar ecosystem of collaboration with endorsing companies. By embracing this successful model, Apprenty ensures its graduates possess the practical skills and industry know-how that today's employers seek.