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Perfekto Raises USD $1.1M to Find Homes for Imperfect Produce in Mexico

Perfekto co-founders Jan Heinvirta, Anahí Sosa, and Juan Andrade (Image credit: Perfekto)

Over a third of food ends up wasted across the globe, with 6% of that occurring in the Latin America and Caribbean regions. Among that waste, the majority of it, around 70%, occurs prior to the consumer stage.

This is where Perfekto believes its subscription box of imperfect food can help. Launched in 2021, the Mexico-based company works with over 70 producers to “rescue” food and delivers it to consumers. Subscribers can personalize their box and choose how much of each type of produce they want. On the backend, the company developed software that automates routing and logistics.

In the past year, the company was part of Y Combinator’s summer 2021 batch, grew to over 3,000 active monthly subscribers and reached USD $1 million in annual revenue.

The startup founded by Jan Heinvirta, Anahí Sosa, and Juan Andrade recently announced USD $1.1M in pre-seed funding to expand its program across Mexico City.

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