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Meet Uils, the Argentinian Fintech That Gives Ride-Hailing Drivers Access to Credit

Josefina Cafferata Leloir, Tomás Costanzo and Alejandro Alvarez, founders of Uils.

Uils was born in 2021 as a car rental company for rideshare drivers. After noticing the limited access to credit that most drivers have, the startup pivoted towards FinTech, offering them financial services based on their driving history.

The startup, founded by Tomás Costanzo, Josefina Cafferata Leloir and Alejandro Alvarez, uses a machine learning tool that considers the driver's history in order to estimate the type of loan they are elegibile for.

“The scoring engine has more than 200 data points for each driver. We have variables like their work schedule, how many trips per day, how many apps do they use, how many cars they have used, among others.”      Tomás Costanzo, CEO of Uils.

According to the startup, 70% of the applicants have been granted a loan through the platform.