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Meet Henry, The Argentinian Programming Academy That Only Gets Paid When Graduates Get a Job!

Henry founders, Luz Borchardt and Martin Borchardt, Manuel Barna Ferrés, Antonio Tralice and Leonardo Maglia

Buenos Aires based EdTech startup HENRY is a 100% online academy that invests in people, allowing them to access high-quality education and training in technology careers and job opportunities. Students can learn Full Stack Development and Data Science. The company has more than 5,000 students from all over Latin America and 60% of the applicants have no previous knowledge of programming.

Their mission is to accelerate and boost inclusion and social mobility in Latin America by connecting people to good-paying jobs. Companies globally are searching for tech talent at an unprecedented rate, but the traditional education system is still not aligned with the knowledge industry. The result is a workforce that cannot meet the demand for tech talent.

The company claims that there’s an estimated 1 million software engineering job openings in Latin America, but fewer than 100,000 professionals that have training suitable for those roles.

With 90% of graduates coming from no formal higher education background, Henry seeks to help bring more back-end junior developers and full-stack developers into startups. Henry offers a five-month course that goes from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., which focuses on software development skills. Beyond technical training, Henry gives participants job coaching, resume workshops and up-skilling opportunities post-graduation.

More than 90% of HENRY’s graduates get a job in technology within six months and, on average, multiply their income by 4x after graduating. Students pay only after graduating from the course.

Graduated students begin to pay for their degree, only if they get a job in technology - they do so through a Shared Revenue Agreement. Students study for up to 5 months, depending on the degree, and then 15% of their salary is returned in 24 installments or until they reach USD $4,000, whichever comes first. The startups name refers to what in the US is usually known as high earners not rich yet, or young people who earn more than the average and are not rich yet, but they will be.

The company was founded by brother-sister duo Luz and Martin Borchardt, as well as Manuel Barna Ferrés, Antonio Tralice and Leonardo Maglia.