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Chile's Fintech Startup Levannta Raised USD $2M Funding Round

Manuel Astaburuaga, Alfredo Angulo and Diego Hidalgo, founders of Levannta

Levannta is focused on financing companies with a subscription-based model. This startup allows companies to get cashflow in advance by "buying" their future revenue. For example, if a company has a portfolio that is expected to generate USD $100K within a year, Levannta would offer them USD $90K now and keep the USD $100K in the future.

The startup uses a platform that provides an estimate of the amount availabe to pay in advance based on the client's financial information and subscription portfolio.

Levannta's latest funding round was led by Option Venture Studio and comprised equity and debt capital.

The startup, founded by Manuel Astaburuaga, Alfredo Angulo and Diego Hidalgo has already financed a total of USD $1.5M and operates with 17 clients.

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