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Brazilian Mobility Startup Able-On Raises USD $1.5M to Enhance AI-Driven Logistics Solutions

Able-On, a startup in the transportation industry, has successfully raised R$ 7.25 million in its first round of investment, with ITA Frotas, a notable company in vehicle fleet rentals, spearheading this effort. The company's platform is gaining attention for its ability to tailor its services to the unique requirements of each customer.

The startup's use of artificial intelligence (AI) stands out for its capacity to analyze data instantly, providing critical insights for businesses to make informed decisions. Normano Ribeiro, co-founder and CEO, highlights that the platform is versatile enough to serve different industries, such as pharmaceuticals and food, where it can manage specific needs like monitoring the temperature during transportation.

The fresh capital will fuel the enhancement of Able-On's AI technology to create groundbreaking and intelligent solutions. So far, the firm has prioritized custom solutions for managing fleets and tracking assets for individual clients. With the new funds, Able-On aims to broaden its offerings to include asset maintenance and health, and plans to boost its workforce and marketing efforts.

Able-On's approach integrates software as a service (SaaS) with hardware for gathering data, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices and telematics, to streamline logistics with AI. The company boasts two primary products: On-Drive, for fleet management, and On-Data, for data analysis.

Able-On is dedicated to addressing three major challenges in the mobility market: enhancing automation and operational efficiency tailored to each customer, leveraging high-quality, real-time data from various sources, and creating an integrated solution that promotes system compatibility.

By prioritizing innovation and customization, Able-On is establishing itself as a pioneering force in the mobility industry, delivering solutions that enhance efficiency and contribute to the sector's digital evolution.