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💰 Latin American startups that raised capital in July

July has been another month with more funding rounds in Latin America. Here's the list of startups that raised capital in July:

Creditas → USD $150M

Creditas offers faster, more transparent credits and with a decision-making process that is more adjusted to the parameters of today's society. According to the startup Brazilians have easy access to the worst interest rates, and they were born to change this reality. The quality of the asset-backed loan is in the guarantee. The use of collateral decreases the risk for both parties. Delinquency decreases. Interest rates are much lower. You get more money and more time to pay.

Stori → USD $100M

Stori is taking advantage of the rising use of smartphones to tackle a lack of financial inclusion within Mexico, with more than 60% of Mexicans now owning a smartphone. The company gives consumers access to credit card products along with the opportunity to build up their credit history, with all parts of the journey being carried out through the mobile app.

Arrenda → USD $25M

Arrenda is offering digital financial services to the real estate market of Latin America. Its first service is Adelanta, a revenue-based financing offering that leverages Arrenda’s proprietary technology to enable landlords in Mexico to advance up to a year of future lease receivables in 24 hours or less. → USD $15M connects companies with their mobile-first users worldwide, allowing them to easily reach out to their users wherever they are. Their platform empowers businesses to automate their communications processes and connect WhatsApp with their preferred systems - like HubSpot CRM - whether for marketing, sales, or customer services, saving them time and enabling a more strategic view of acquisition and retention actions. They help companies get over revenue loss by offering a fast option to interact with leads and customers, increasing metrics like response rates, conversion, NPS, and so many others.

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