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Meet Quaddro, the Brazilian Platform That Helps Solopreneurs Manage Relationships With Clients

Tiago Colin, Fran Melo, Darlan Junior and Bruno Novarini, founders of Quaddro

Quaddro is an integrated solution for solopreneurs (individuals who run their business independently) to sell, book, retain, and charge their customers. This is done by enabling them to create a website to offer their services, with the integration of scheduling tools, payment methods and loyalty packages.

"The platform works as a kind of digital portal for managing relationships with customers, who can buy, schedule, pay pending items and see history through the platform. The service provider has access to back office software, which comes with a calendar and payment management, and automation of collections, flows, up-sell and loyalty messages.” Bruno Novarini, CEO of Quaddro

The startup was founded in 2021 by Tiago Colin, Fran Melo, Darlan Junior and Bruno Novarini, who knew how difficult it is for independent professionals in Brazil to keep track of their businesses due to the lack of tools designed for them.

The Sao Paulo-based startup recently raised a USD $3.2M seed round that will be used to further grow its team. The round was led by Valor Capital Group, with the participation of NXTP Ventures and Bridge Latam.