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Meet Mobees, the Advertising Platform That Lets Rideshare Drivers Generate an Extra Income

José Lyra Júnior, Flávia Coelho and Fábio Barcellos, founders of Mobees.

This Brazilian startup brings intelligence and mobility to billboards, installing advertising panels on top of rideshare app cars. Mobees facilitates businesses that want to advertise with them to make an efficient segmentation for their ads, taking into account factors such as location, day, time, temperature, weather and events happenning in the surrounding are to where the driver is passing by. The partnerships are done directly with the drivers regardless of the app they work for.

Mobees was founded in 2019 by José Lyra Júnior, Flávia Coelho and Fábio Barcellos, experienced entrepreneurs that wanted to pursue a new business idea with impact, and realized that helping drivers get an extra income was a meaningful way of doing so, considering that Uber alone has more than 600,000 active drivers in Brazil.

The startup's most recent funding round was a Seed Round led by WE Ventures, a Microsoft innitiative that supports gender diverse startups by providing strategic capital and technology development. This investor's purpose is to generate returns by supporting innovation led by women.

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