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Meet Leadfy, the Brazilian Startup Helping Auto Dealers Acquire Better Leads

Leadfy is a lead generation platform that uses market intelligence to generate more and better quality leads for the automotive industry.

📝 Overview

  • 🖊️ Startup Name: Leadfy
  • 📍 Headquarters: Brazil, also active in the US and Canada
  • 📅 Year Founded: 2023

🧍 Team

🔍 Problem 

Auto dealers spend thousands of dollars online for only a handful of cold leads, often grappling with the inefficiency and frustration of low conversion rates and diminishing returns on their marketing investments. In their pursuit of potential customers, these dealers allocate substantial budgets to various digital advertising channels, including search engine marketing, social media advertising, and display campaigns. However, despite the significant financial outlay, they often find themselves faced with the challenge of attracting a limited number of prospective buyers who display little to no immediate interest in purchasing a vehicle.

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