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Victor Aracaty, Matheus Góis and Roberto Dias Villas Boas, founders of KOR Solutions

Kor Solutions specializes in solving legal conflicts by using data intelligence. Its main focus is to accelerate resolutions in legal processes between businesses and consumers. Kor’s technology analyzes the company’s policies and the consumer’s compensation claims, if the latter provides enough evidence a payment proposal is sent.

The company is able to reduce the waiting time to an average of 24 hours, making an enormous difference considering that a traditional legal procedure would take up to 18 months. This saves up to 75% of the total expenses faced by a company during a lawsuit.

The startup founded in 2020 by Victor Aracaty, Matheus Góis and Roberto Dias Villas Boas currently serves several large companies in different industries, including clothing retailers, travel agencies and financial institutions.

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