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Bruno Vieira Costa, founder of Abstra

Abstra is a no-code platform that supports businesses during the process of creating internal apps and websites, through a graphical interface. The startup’s solutions are focused on helping late/growth stage tech companies to make their internal processes more efficient.

The company was founded in 2020 by Bruno Vieira Costa, who believes that some no-code tools struggle to serve designers because they need a lot of fine tuning when having no coding skills.

“Some are too technical while others are just assembling pre-built interfaces,” he said. “We are developing a mechanism that tackles both problems in that it is easy to use and flexible.” Bruno Vieira Costa, founder of Abstra.

Abstra was selected as part of the Y Combinator’s spring 2021 batch. The startup has also been funded by Iporanga Ventures, Alexia Ventures and Upload Ventures.