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Colombian Fintech Startup Finaktiva Raises USD $25M

Finaktiva Founder & CEO Pablo Santos Ramon

Colombian fintech Finaktiva raised USD $20M in debt from Bancolombia and other local banks, and USD $5M from responsABILITY, a Swiss impact investment fund that offers capital in emerging markets for companies creating a positive impact. The total investment equals USD $25M in debt.

Finaktiva is a leading financial services platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs in Colombia. The fintech uses technology to gain insights into each stage of business maturation and support companies at each stage. The software includes flexible credit solutions for early-stage startups, to credit solutions, factoring, and debt funds for scaling companies.

Pablo Santos, CEO of Finaktiva, explained that the company got this resources for having a broad capacity to originate loans for companies with the highest standards of risk management, and for its business strategies, based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demonstrating that it is an organization that promotes social, economic and environmental impact.