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Clara Raises USD $90M Debt Financing From Accial Capital

Clara Co-founders | Gerry Giacomán Colyer and Diego García

Clara, the leading digital corporate spend management platform in Latin America, announced a line of cerdit of up to USD $90M from Accial Capital, a US-based debt provider focused on emerging markets, and its new private equity fund IMPACTO launched in collaboration with Skandia. This fund focuses on impact debt, and is offered by Skandia and managed by Accial. Clara secures this line of credit before completing one year of operations in Colombia and close to celebrating its third year of foundation.

“This financing will allow us to continue strengthening our products so that they continue to respond to the financial and technological needs of companies in Colombia and Latin America. Additionally, our new offices in Medellín will be key to attracting the best local talent and strengthening our work team. All with the aim of meeting the real needs of Colombian companies and continuing to consolidate the country as a technology hub in the region,” said Leonardo Ramos, Clara's regional director in Colombia.

To date, Clara has more than 1,300 clients in Colombia, distributed mainly in the technological and financial services, ecommerce, retail and tourism sectors. It began operations with an office in Bogotá and recently announced the opening of its office in Medellín to strengthen its presence in the Antioquia market and become part of the technological ecosystem that is developing in the city.