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Assis is a virtual assistant for one-person businesses. As a solo entrepreneur, being good at your job isn't enough. You need to go out of your way and also do the marketing, sales, administration, legal and financial part, for example. As a result, productivity drops significantly, since all control is still done manually, or using several different software tools.

Through the bot integrated with ChatGPT and the app, the Assis helps throughout the customer journey. This includes the first call, reminding you of the tasks, checking if you have any questions, sending a quote, checking availability and making payments.

According to CEO Raphael Machioni, the platform has already achieved results with a small group of customers, who tried the solution on a test basis. With the support of the assistant, users recorded increases of 23% in their sales, in addition to increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the workload in managing processes.

Assis has two forms of monetization: one in a “freemium” model in which revenue comes from charges for capturing payments and another in the form of a SaaS subscription . For CPO João Bergamo, the first model will be the main way of acquiring customers, supporting self-employed people who are opening their businesses.

The startup recently raised a USD $5M seed round led by Costanoa Ventures, and included the participation of Maya Capital, Canaan Partners, Norte Ventures, Latitud, FJ Labs, K50 Ventures, 1616 Ventures, BFF Ventures, as well as some angel investors.

According to the founders, new funds will be used primarily to hire cutting-edge technology professionals who will help with the ongoing development of the platform, which utilizes the OpenAI intelligence employed in ChatGPT.