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Marcelio Leal, Vanesa Muglia, Jorge Vargas Neto and Fernando Ricco, founders of BHub

BHub is a full back-office SaaS for startups and SMEs. Their offering includes tools for bookkeeping, finance, HR and legal services. The idea behind this is to help business owners spend less time on tasks that are unrelated to their core business activities.

The company founded in 2021 by Jorge Vargas Neto, Fernando Ricco, Marcelio Leal and Vanesa Muglia With has a team of 150 employees, and has already served more than 400 companies. BHub's plans is to serve 700 companies by the end of 2022.

The round was led by Moore Capital, with the participation of Monashees, Picus Capital, Valor Capital Group, Norte Ventures, Scale-up Ventures and BFF Ventures. The capital will be used to further grow the company's service offering. One of their targets is a platform called Hub do Empreendedor (Hub of the Entrepreneur), a free dashboard that, connected to the company's bank account and ERPs, gives access to charts and financial indicators, such as burn rate and runway.

With this round, the startup  reaches a total funding amount of USD $32.6M.