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Menta is a plug-and-play solution that provides financial services to B2B companies. Its platform is open and collaborative, making it possible for companies to integrate all types of solutions, like utility bill payments, credit, investments, crypto payments, and loyalty programs, among others. They offer a SmartPOS (or smart point of sale) payment that enables the implementation of the solution.

Founded by Alejandro Quirno Lavalle, Virginia Folgueiro and Santiago Lorenzo in 2021, Menta plans to consolidate its position in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, reach new markets and strengthen and diversify its embedded payments and finance solution for B2B companies.

The Argentinian startup recently a USD $6M seed-round led by Base10 Partners, with follow-on support from Pear VC, MatterScale Ventures and Gilgamesh Ventures.

New funds will allow them to continue working with B2B companies to transform business throughout Latin America.

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