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Top Venture Capital Funds Fueling Latin America's Startup Ecosystem

Nicolas Szekasy and Hernan Kazah | Co-Founders & Managing Partners at Kaszek Ventures

Latin America's startup ecosystem is burgeoning, and it's thanks in large part to the visionary venture capital funds that are investing in the region's most promising entrepreneurs. Here's an in-depth look at the key players:

1. Kaszek Ventures

  • Industry Focus: Agnostic
  • Stage: seed, series A, or series B rounds.
  • General Partners: Hernan Kazah and Nicolas Szekasy.
  • Notable Investments: NotCo, DolarApp, Xepelin, QuintoAndar, Bitso.

2. SoftBank Latin America Fund

  • Industry Focus: Agnostic
  • Stage: Seed, series A, or series B rounds.
  • General Partners: Juan Franck & Alex Szapiro
  • Notable Investments: Kavak, Clip, Nubank, Frubana, Nowports.

3. Canary

  • Industry Focus: They don't invest in sectors or markets, they invest in founders.
  • Stage: Early-Stage. They want to be the first investors in the best tech companies.
  • General Partners: Marcos Toledo Leite & Florian Hagenbuch
  • Notable Investments: Loft, Buser, Clara, Cobre.

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